A Beginner’s Guide to Alien Life

August 19, 2018

Space. The final frontier. The never-ending cosmos that surround our tiny planet raise innumerable questions, not the least of which is: are there aliens? Have no fear, this class will equip you with all the theoretical and scientific tools necessary to understand how life — including humans — might survive on other planets. From basic astronomy to a discussion on the habitability of planets, we’ve got you covered. No field trips just yet, unfortunately.



Kasha Patel is a science writer who moonlights as a stand-up comic specializing in science jokes. She is the founder of DC Science Comedy and produces one of the nation’s only regularly occurring science-themed comedy shows in Washington DC. During the daytime, she works as an earth science writer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She has written about animal migration patterns, habitability on other planets, and new discoveries in Earth’s atmosphere. She has been featured on BBC World, The Washington Post, NASA TV, and the Travel Channel.