Art as a Witness: Using Photography to Read Poetry

July 15, 2018

Sylvia Plath rose to poetic fame for her deeply confessional work, being one of the first women to write in the first person. Her work was true, visceral, and heart-wrenching — much like the self-portraits of the young photographer, Francesca Woodman. Often nude, her photos revealed the tenderness of the human heart, and the confusing, enigmatic power of the woman as image. This course will explore the connections of poetry and photography, examining them as lens through which to understand and express oneself. It is designed for those who may not be comfortable with their understanding of either or both art forms, and will involve group discussion of famous photographers and workshopping our own, original poems, created in class.



Andrew Squitiro is a poet and teacher based in New Orleans, LA. He believes that with the ubiquity of camera phones and Twitter, poetry and photography are more serious than ever.

Andrew Squitiro