The Classes

Monday & Wednesday Evenings
6:30-8:30 pm
Cardinal Stritch University
Session A: Art History: Master the Museum
July 11 & July 13
Become a Smithsonian-going ninja. Learn how to instantly identify a Rembrandt. Drink wine and take a virtual tour of the Louvre. Master the Museum.
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Black Lives MatterSession B: Chocolate City?: Racial Violence & Resistance in DC and Beyond
July 18 & July 20
Black Lives Matter. Learn the key insights that would be the foundation of an African American Studies class from a radical activist who organizes in Washington, DC. Analyze gentrification, activism, and violence in our city.
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Session C: Playing the Woman Card: Gender Politics in the Election and Beyond
July 25 & July 27
Lean in, teach in, or shout? Is gender even real? Trace the  images of sexism in political campaigns ads leading up to today and learn who the “feminist masked avengers are.” Learn the basics of gender theory and the history of feminist activism. Know the five most important sites of feminist art and activism in DC. Drink wine, connect with a curious and quirky crowd, and debate about politics, pop culture, and what progress truly looks like.
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Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.26.42 PMSession D: Queer & Now: Queer Spaces in D.C. and Beyond
Aug. 8 & Aug. 10
“We’re here! We’re Queer! Get used to it!”  What does queer mean in the age of gay marriage and the Obama administration’s challenge to “bathroom laws”?  Learn how religion has influenced queer politics in Washington, DC, and the city’s links to queer activism and resistance.
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Session E: Surrealism 101
Aug. 29 & Aug. 31
Get weird. Learn how many surrealists it takes to screw in a lightbulb. Debate the merits of tapping into the unconscious. Familiarize yourself with the art at the Hirshhorn Museum and around the city. Work your way through some drinks while you draft a manifesto.
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Saturday Afternoon TV:

These are micro-courses designed to give your Saturday brunch a dash of insight, nerdiness, and elevated socializing around your favorite tv show. Expect mimosas, pastries, at least one cultural theory expert and a room full of super fans.


The Bachelor(ette) Franchise and (Un)reality

In the first installment of our Saturday Morning Television series, we’ll be dishing about the Bachelor(ette) franchise, paying especially close attention to the current season. We’ll look at what it means to be the “perfect woman” or “perfect man” on the series, and talk about how the unreality of reality television affects our perception of everyday life. Our conversation will range from gender theory to television production tricks to discussions about what it means that we love to hate at least one contestant each season (lookin’ at you, Chad).  Die hard series fans and newbies alike welcome to drink mimosas, eat pastries, laugh, and undertake a nerdy examination of what it means to have a “guilty pleasure.”

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