Kissed by a Rose: The Gender Politics of the Bachelor

Instructor: Shannon Mancus & Kim Pendleton

Monday, July 17, 6:00–8:00 pm
Followed by live viewing of the latest episode on the big screen: 8–10 pm

Pardon us for asking but, um, are you here for the right reasons?

Whether you love the Bachelor or can’t quite comprehend why your friends do, come commiserate over the guiltiest of guilty pleasures as we analyze one of the heavyweights of modern-day reality TV. We’ll delve into feminist theory, pop culture, and critical questions like, Who wore it better? Following class (which starts earlier than usual — at 6pm) we’ll screen the latest and live episode of the Bachelorette on the big projector.

Shannon Davies Mancus and Kim Pendleton met on The Bachelor: True or not true? You’ll have to ask them. For now, what you need to now is that Shannon Mancus Davis earned her PhD in American Studies from George Washington University and beginning this fall will be a professor at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colo. Kim Pendleton is a PhD candidate at George Washington University.


* * * *

Each Little Academy class takes place in the private, second-story space at Bourbon, a laid-back and top-notch watering hole in the heart of Adams Morgan. We have easy access to the bar and kitchen downstairs. This class will begin at 6pm (with happy hour specials in full effect) and at exactly 8pm the lights will dim and we’ll all watch the live episode of the Bachelorette (hometowns!) on the big screen.

Every class is two hours long and one night only. Curiosity required.

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