sex and religion

Instructor: Kim Pendleton
Monday, July 25 & Wednesday, July 28 6:30-8:30 pm

What do the puritans, cults, and abortion have to do with each other? Only everything. Become a mini-expert in the unseemly (and occasionally sexy) world of religion and sexuality in U.S. history, where a scandal with Monica Lewinski pales in comparison to the group marriage of the Oneida perfectionists, persecution of Mormon settlers, unruly women burned as witches, and more. Learn why the religious right became involved in politics over sex and how Jerry Falwell helped to get Sassy Magazine banned. Explore the political-religious debates about birth control, sex trafficking, reproductive rights, sodomy, and polygamy as they’ve played out in courts and in popular culture. Discuss why so many politicians are embroiled in sex scandals and why so many religious officials are involved in politics. Debate about whether or not the church and state are truly separate, especially when it comes to sex in the USA. 

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