Stranger than Fiction: Science Fiction, Climate Change, and Resistance

Instructor: Michael Horka

Tuesday, August 1, 7:00–9:00 pm

Revenge of the nerds! What can science fiction novels tell us about both climate change and the political climate? Join for a spin through dystopia, catastrophe, survival, and speculative futures. Along the way, we will learn about what makes science fiction such a powerful genre for imagining the future and resistance in the present.

Michael Horka is a Ph.D. candidate at George Washington University and is planning to build an ark with his science fiction novels when the time comes.

* * * *

Each Little Academy class takes place in the private, second-story space at Bourbon, a laid-back and top-notch watering hole in the heart of Adams Morgan. We have full access to the bar and kitchen downstairs. And arrive a little early to shoot the breeze and take advantage of happy hour, which runs till 7pm.

Every class is two hours long and one night only. Curiosity required.

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